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BBC News - Health

BBC News - Health

Artificial intelligence diagnoses lung cancer
Liposuction rise linked to gym wear trend
Hoddesdon dental patients offered HIV tests
Staff shortages 'abusing good will of nurses'
Too many children in mental health hospitals, says report
Nicki Chapman praised for sharing tumour diagnosis
Harri Stickler: Transplant joy for baby with rare cancer

Care2 Healthy Living

37 Ways to Start a Kindness Revolution
Use the 5-Minute Rule to Get Stuff Done in Your Life
4 Surprising Facts About Nightshade Vegetables
9 Plants to Grow that Repel Mosquitoes
Grass Alternatives for a More Eco-Friendly Lawn
5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Beat Bad Breath
The Mindful Food Journal

Health – TIME

Health – TIME

The Gap Between Male and Female Youth Suicide Rates is Narrowing in the U.S.
How Some Generic Drugs Could Do More Harm Than Good
Alabama’s Abortion Ban Isn’t Only About Abortion. Opponents Are Afraid it May Drive Doctors Out of the State
Here’s What Eating Processed Foods for Two Weeks Does to Your Body
Why Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Is Having a Moment on TV
A Low-Fat Diet May Lower the Risk of Dying from Breast Cancer
Are Onions and Garlic Healthy? Here’s What Experts Say

Medindia Health News

Teens With ADHD More Prone to Road Accidents
Higher Social Class People Believe That They are More Capable Than Others
First Ever Platelet Donor Helpline in India
Complete Oral Care may be a Holistic Approach to Treat Substance Use Disorder
Drinking Coffee Can Boost Your Bowel Movement
Natural Homemade Sunscreen Recipes on Pinterest: Safe or Not?
Wearing a Helmet When on Wheels Can Protect Kids from Head Injuries


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Midwife discovers that she delivered her assistant 19 years earlier
'Game of Thrones' counseling available for those mourning loss of show
Vienna Beef recalls more than 2,000 pounds of hot dogs due to possible metal contamination
Dallas teen beats stage 4 cancer to graduate high school
6 everyday products that could cause you to fail a drug test
Chef temporarily lost hearing after eating spicy meal: Here's what happened
Processed foods may be addictive, 'landmark' study claims

Health Behavior News Service: Latest Research News

Urban Parks and Trails Are Cost-Effective Ways to Promote Exercise
Military Culture Enables Tobacco Use
Physician Behaviors May Contribute to Disparities in Mental Health Care
Depression and Dementia in Older Adults Increase Risk of Preventable Hospitalizations
Medicaid Payments for Office Visits Impact Cancer Screening Rates
Schools Often Fail to Follow Their Own Written Wellness Policies
Poor-Quality Weight Loss Advice Often Appears First in an Online Search

Health News from NHS Choices

NHS Choices
Cancer treatment response may be affected by gut bacteria
Could a blood test in middle age predict dementia risk?
Acid reflux drugs linked to increased stomach cancer risk
Nutrient drink for Alzheimer's has disappointing result in trial
Marriage may help lower dementia risk
Afternoon open heart surgery 'leads to fewer complications'

Reuters: Health News

Reuters: Health News

Teens made up most of e-cigarette maker Juul's Twitter following - study
Doctors end life support for French patient in landmark right-to-die case
Little Caesars to use Impossible Foods' meatless sausages in pizzas
Missouri governor expected to sign eight-week abortion ban into law
U.S. Supreme Court tosses ruling against Merck on Fosamax osteoporosis drug
Measles outbreak spreads to Oklahoma as U.S. reports 41 new cases
U.S. Supreme Court takes no action in Indiana abortion cases
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