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Several high ranking workers in the Red Cross claim funds are diverted from actually providing services to 'support the image'; one person claims empty trucks are driven around disaster areas only 'to be seen as helping' even though they have no food or water to give survivors.
Eleven countries studied, one inescapable conclusion – the drug laws don’t work. Eight month study shows legalisation policies do not result in wider use, and the US should be watched with interest
Someone spent $3,183,500.00 to buy 6,350 dilapidated properties in Detroit.
Lysol buys 'Ebola' Google search result, gets accused of exploiting panic
New Study: prison spending growing much faster than education spending
The U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability
Baltimore officer seen on assault video charged with assault, perjury
Mexican governor confirms 3 US siblings found dead
TSA confiscates a toy ray-gun belt buckle. Because security.
VA High Schools Push Back Start Time to Give Teens More Sleep
Wolf-like animal seen roaming in northern Arizona - Grey Wolves have been missing from the area since the 1940s
Marine banned from daughter's school after dispute over Islam homework assignment - It asked for explanations of Islam's Five Pillars, Mecca and Muhammad. The parents didn't like it and feel religion should not be taught in public schools.
Why the U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability
Woman killed for taking sticker off mosque
DEA, Denver Police Raid Multiple Marijuana Grow Operations (UPDATE)
Kid Rock surprises fan with down syndrome at his 30th birthday party


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