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The The second-in-command of the Fresno Police Department and four others were arrested Thursday on federal drug charges, authorities said.
Angie's List canceling $40 Million Headquarter and employee expansion in Indiana following passage of RFRA
OSHA fines Dollar General $83,000 for ‘serious’ violations
Frog Enzyme Clears Genital Warts
Apple's Tim Cook and Other Tech CEOs Blast Indiana "Religious Freedom" Law
A United States court has delivered another legal setback to Kim Dotcom with the US Government winning a civil forfeiture case against the mogul: he has lost an estimated $67 million worth of assets including millions in cash, property, luxury cars, jet skis, large screen televisions and art.
Federal study finds alarming use of antipsychotics among nation's poor children, foster kids
Domino's policy changes on deliveries angers residents: There will be no more Domino's deliveries in the Lower 9th Ward after dark. It is one of the changes the pizza company is making after another one of its drivers was murdered in the Lower 9th Ward while on the job.
Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server
19 States that have 'Religious Freedom' laws that no one is boycotting.
Police officer who slammed Indian grandfather to the ground (partially paralyzing him) indicted for civil rights violation
Patrick Moore, Man Who Refused to Drink Roundup, is Not a Monsanto Lobbyist
Future Shop's are closing across Canada, sudden decision made this morning
Decorated Boston Cop in Coma After Being Shot in Face
White House announces plan to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Buy American: Florida bill requires US-made flags.

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Teenage girl rushed for HIV and hepatitis tests after she sat on a NEEDLE on a bus
Former bodybuilder with liver cancer is given just three weeks to live - but says he'll beat the disease with healthy eating 
Fashion at Dubai World Cup
'We will lock David Cameron out of No.10': Nicola Sturgeon promises to 'force Labour's hand' in coalition during Glasgow speech met with six-minute standing ovation
Aristocrats 'feel entitled to abuse people' says son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich who was raped by his father as a child
Dinner time! Stunning photographs show sharks, dolphins, birds and a whale feasting on around NINE MILLION sardines 
Four-year-old puts on her purple raincoat, sneaks out of the house and hops on the bus alone to get a slushie ... at 3AM! 
Pilot Andreas Lubitz's ex-girlfriend says he shared chilling prophecy before Alps crash
'You keep saying the same thing': Hilarious video shows father shouting at his husky for stealing a bag of potato skins - and the dog answers back
United Nations and international diplomats withdraw from Yemen as Iranian-backed fighters march on Aden amid bombing campaign
'We put our children's lives in their hands - this should never happen again': British father of Germanwings victim makes emotional appeal for airlines to take greater care of their pilots' mental health 
Spectator dies at Nurburgring after British racing driver Jann Mardenborough's car flips into air and crashes into crowd
Woman filmed hurling 'racist' abuse at two men on the Tube
MP Simon Danczuk spotted 'favouriting' hard-core pornography
Lena Dunham in anti-Semitism row over 'Dog or Jewish Boyfriend?' article