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Humans are now taller and smarter than ever before , due to greater genetic diversity
Reddit CEO sorry for 'letting down' users after popular sub forums shut down
Oklahoma Supreme Court Sides With Homeowners: Yes, You CAN Sue Fracking Companies
WikiLeaks: Secret trade deal exposed
Teenager’s Jailing Brings a Call to Fix Sex Offender Registries
Governor: Wis. open records restrictions will be dropped: The changes, added to the budget on a party-line vote Thursday, would have allowed lawmakers to draft bills in secret and hide their communications from the public
Man Poses As Armored Truck Driver, Steals $75K From Walmart
7-year-old boy killed among 30 shot in 8 hours overnight
Obama to free scores of non-violent drug offenders
Eagle 629-03142, America's Oldest Bald Eagle, Has Died At Age 38
A coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit on Thursday against U.S. wildlife officials arguing that the government's management plan for the endangered Mexican gray wolf, one of the most imperiled mammals in North America, does not go far enough.
TiSA: Trade agreement bigger than the TPP, has just suffered a massive leak
Oregon is using an experimental program to become first state to tax drivers based on miles they travel on state roads rather than the gas they purchase. The voluntary program, called OReGo, is designed to capture taxes from hybrid and electric car drivers who have been able to skirt gas taxes.
Alligator Blood May Lead to Powerful New Antibiotics
Boko Haram kills nearly 200 in 48 hours