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Accused of Stealing a Backpack, High School Student Jailed for Nearly Three Years Without Trial
Two California poker players are refusing to fold in a legal battle against the state, claiming Iowa State Patrol troopers unlawfully seized their $100,020 gambling bankroll.
FBI turns animal cruelty into top-tier felony, allowing easier tracking of crimes against pets
(FL) Waldo, town known as one of the nation's worst speed traps, Votes to Disband its Police Force
Michael Dunn found guilty of murder in loud-music trial
Pulling the curtain back on long-hidden industry relationships, the federal government revealed that U.S. doctors and teaching hospitals had $3.5 billion worth of financial ties with drug and medical-device makers in the last five months of 2013.
Dallas Ebola patient vomited outside apartment on way to hospital
Sister of US Ebola patient: He told hospital he was from Liberia on 1st visit, was sent home
Police officer fired after writing Facebook comment that officer "did society a favor" for shooting Michael Brown
School-aged children in Texas may have been exposed to Ebola by the first patient diagnosed with the virus in the United States, officials said today.
Florida cop suspended after shooting 62-year-old black woman in back with stun gun
Second person being monitored for possible Ebola infection
Arkansas shooting range declares itself a "muslim free zone"
The Bidding For The 2022 Olympics Is A Disaster Because Everyone Figured Out That Hosting Is A Total Waste
Collier County, Florida Sheriff's deputy Charles Bullock who pled guilty to molesting a 15-year old boy numerous times at mall in 2010 will not serve any jail time, only two years probation and keeps his pension.
CDC: Gay Men Represent 2 Percent Of US Population, 52 Percent Of People With HIV

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Hong Kong protests spread in cities including London, Manchester and New York
'Charles and Maurice Saatchi made Mad Men look tame!'
Recovering the fallen: German soldiers killed during bloody Second World War Brandenburg battle are discovered, still wearing their boots and helmets
Japan celebrates half a century of its 186mph bullet trains
At last, a real Tory premier: Cameron inspires his party by backing British values and pledging tax cuts for millions of families
Palatial three-bedroom flat in an old medical school could be yours for £9million - but you'll need a long brush to clean the 18ft ceilings 
MH370 could be found in a matter of days due to search fleet
Brigitte Bardot biographer reveals secrets of the '60s pinup after interviewing the recluse, now 80
Blinded on the High Street: More and more women are being enticed by cheap deals for laser eye surgery. But some say it's left them in agony - and struggling to see
US Ebola victim helped carry infected woman days before flying to Texas
London's Science Museum's Making Life Worth Living photo exhibition captures the squalor of Britain's slums
Body found in Irish bog could be Brendan Megraw abducted and killed by the IRA in 1978
U.S. airlines in contact with government about Ebola concerns
Fashion brands bend towards iPhone 6 Plus as they look at redesigning jeans to cater for extra large handset following complaints of bending when it's in the pocket
Celebrity nude photo hack victims join together to 'sue Google for $100M'


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