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Police release video of taser, pepper spray incident. "Fredericksburg police officer used his Taser and pepper spray on a motionless, silent driver who was having a medical emergency."
Google Fiber is reportedly sending out copyright infringement notices directly to subscribers offering settlements ranging from $20 to $300.
N.J. students' art depicting police brutality upsets police
Ark. police destroy Duggar's record -- "The judge ordered us yesterday to expunge that record," Lewis said, adding that similar records are typically kept indefinitely. "
Taser CEO Rick Smith on Taser related deaths “In every single case, these people would have died anyway.”
The LAPD cop who kicked Alesia Thomas to death was recorded on dashcam saying: “I’m going to punt you in your p*ssy.”
After Senate vote, NSA prepares to shut down phone tracking program
Vandals destroy dam in California, release 49 million gallons of water into SF Bay - Water could have sustained 500 families for a year
Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) called for a national ban on the use of tanning devices, which she described as “essentially carcinogen delivery systems,” by those under 18.
E-Cigarettes are healthier compared to ordinary cigarettes – say Health Authorities
California oil spill five times worse than predicted
JPMorgan Officially Apologizes For Being a Criminal Market Manipulator
Body cam videos show officer Tasing, pepper spraying unresponsive driver
A pedestrian stopped a motorist evading California police Friday evening by calmly stepping in front of his car. The chase ended, when police cuffed the man behind the wheel -- and the man who stopped him.
San Jose police arrest four young men for punching random people
Woman chains herself to Shell ship in bay north of Seattle — The Coast Guard says it has no plans to remove a woman who has chained herself to the Arctic Challenger, a support ship for Royal Dutch Shell's exploratory oil drilling plans.

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